Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber is one of 15 health innovation networks set up by NHS England to operate as the key innovation arm of the NHS. We act as a bridge between health care providers, commissioners, academia and industry. By connecting these sectors, we help to build a pipeline of solutions for the NHS from research and product development through to implementation and commercialisation.

At Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber we believe in the power of new ideas to improve lives and our ambition is to work together with all our partners to make life better for the people in our region by improving their health and care and by creating a thriving economy for everyone.


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The NHS Confederation is the membership body that brings together and speaks on behalf of organisations that plan, commission and provide NHS services in England, Northern Ireland and Wales. We represent hospitals, community and mental health providers, ambulance trusts, primary care networks, clinical commissioning groups and integrated care systems.


Founded in 1987, Yorkshire Universities (YU) is a charity and company limited by guarantee. The vice-chancellors and principals of twelve higher education institutions in Yorkshire and the Humber are the members of the company and form YU’s board of directors. YU’s mission is to maximise the contribution of higher education to the region, through collaboration, where this generates greatest impact and public benefit, and aspiration and opportunity are supported. YU is a unique partnership based on a shared commitment to improve the economic and social prosperity and wellbeing of people and places in Yorkshire and the Humber.


The YHealth4Growth campaign supports and contributes to two other national campaigns:

NHS Reset is a campaign led by NHS Confederation, seeking to contribute to the public and political debate on what the health and care system should look like in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. The campaign focuses on: recognising how the system and its workforce has responded to the pandemic, rebuilding services to meet new and continuing demand, and driving reset of the health and care system’s ambition for what the health and care system of the future should look like.

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