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New thought piece published on how health inequalities are holding back Yorkshire

Posted: 7th March 2024

A new thought piece has been published on how health inequalities are holding back Yorkshire.

Originally published in the Yorkshire Post on 29 February, chief executive of Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber, Richard Stubbs discusses the health and economic challenges of the region and how we approach them.

The piece explores how opportunities for employment are sadly dependent on postcodes within Yorkshire and that the health and economic inequalities between our region and other parts of the country have been exacerbated by COVID-19, which is worrying when the UK overall faces the prospect of sluggish growth.

Richard explores the strength of the region and how we tackle this challenge, using partnerships and collaboration:

The strength of our region’s health and life science sector, part of a Northern life science economy worth £13.4bn a year, is hugely positive both in terms of employment but also innovation.

We have thriving partnerships between local government, businesses and our universities – many borne out of a collective response to the pandemic. Lessons learned here can be scaled up and applied elsewhere. Our region can be a test bed for piloting new approaches and innovations.

The blog goes on to explain that more devolved powers, flexible investment and targeted solutions can enable Yorkshire to really meet the needs of its local communities.

That partnership working is exemplified in our new white paper, Empowering local places for health and prosperity: new perspectives from Yorkshire and the Humber, mapping out what needs to happen to close that inequality gap.

Read the piece in full on the Health Innovation Yorkshire & Humber website.